Aug 31, 2011

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Aug 15, 2011

New doll release!!

Mona Amarcha 
                                                                      Stardoll version:
                               Real life: 



Aug 13, 2011


Miley Cyrus

Stardoll version:

Real life:

Free Nail Polish

Only for royalty

Just go to stardoll, log in and put this address on the URL box and you will be redirected to the starplaza dresser, put it on your shopping cart buy it and there you have it on your beauty parlor.

New Minimalism

So stardoll now add some more things to the Minimalism store, i will totally buy some of the things if i had the money.

Did you gonna buy from there?

Hidden stores on stardoll 2011 !!

Here are some of the hidden stores on stardoll. Enjoy them!

Gothic animals:,899,902,17387

Cats and dogs:,26501,26502,26503,26504,26505,26506,26507,26508,26509,26510,26511,26512

Moxie Girls:,26886,26887,26888,26889,26890,26891,26892,26893,26894,26885,26895,26896,26897,26898,26899,26900,26901,26902,26903,26904,26905,26906,26907,26908,26909,26910,26911,26912,26913,26914,26915,26916,26917,26918,26919,26920,26921,26922,26923,26924,26925,26926,26927,26928,26929,26930,26931,26932,26933







Pic Makeovers!!

Katy Perry

Stardoll version:

Real version:

What did you think, did i miss something?

Free poster!!

Just log in on Stardoll and put this link on the URL box you can either change "view for finish" or do the contest your choice. You can find some answers on the internet and the other ones on the contest page.

                           The poster you get:
is similar to the first one.What did you think?

Free Earrings!!

Check out this new free earring for non-ss and superstars!!

Earrings inspired by Hassan Massoudy :

I like them and i think it's a great frebbie for non-ss 
What did you think??

New Doll!!

Our new doll only for superstars Ophelia Lovibond !!

On stardoll:

in real life

Oh, she's really pretty what do you think?

Aug 4, 2011

Hello guys, so here are the originals august hotbuys from Stardoll. Did you like them ?

                                                       The navajo earrings


                                                     The bear hat

                                        The Cheetah Stole


                                               Valentino Shoes

The jacket 

                                             thanks to sdhotbuysaddicted

                                             Lulu Townsend bag

                                                The miniskirt